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Ann Watson
Ann Watson
Interviewed July 1996

Tell us about yourself!
My name is Ann Watson and I live in Burnley with my boyfriend Robert, who also has an interview on here!

What's the story behind you becoming a Manchester Storm fan?
Well where shall I begin? It all started sometime last year (1995). The advertising agency that my boyfriend's company uses was inviting the Marketing department to the Nynex Arena to watch ice hockey. But most of the people in his department were really boring and didn't want to go, so I was invited to make up the numbers. I was originally a Blackburn Hawks fan as they were my local team and they beat Manchester Storm at that first match. Since that first time, Blackburn kept getting beat by Manchester and I wasn't sure of which team to support, so I supported Blackchester Storks! Towards the end of the season I finally switched to Manchester as they were a much better team and this meant I could go to more matches. Yes I know I am a turncoat! I now go to just about every Manchester Storm match with my friends Robert, Simon and Sam.

What's your favourite place to watch the matches in the Nynex Arena?
The advertising agency's "Royal" box! It's good for Pulp also!

How do away rinks that you've been to compare to the Nynex?
The only other place I've been is to Blackburn Ice Arena and compared to Nynex it was small, very cold and very crap.

What was your favourite player from last season?
I don't know, probably the best looking one.

What do you think of Lightning Jack?
Lightning Jack is great especially on the zamboni, he always waves to me and I wave back. We have become great friends.

Jon Hammond - the announcer?
The announcer is OK, but I don't like the ice hockey challenge he does after each period. He's a bit smarmy really and has poor taste in jackets.

The video screens?
The video screens are excellent, but I have to say that in case the advertising agency in question don't take me again.

The cheerleaders?
What cheerleaders?

The band?
Very limited, they only play drums.

Drum Tart?
Drum Tart is very amusing but should get a breast reduction, if only for the sake of her back.

The ice-cream sellers?
The ice-cream sellers sell very nice Soleros, but I've never met any personally.

What was your favourite game that you've seen so far?
The one where Blackburn Hawks actually won and I could legitimately gloat at you, Simon! And the one where there was a lot of blood.

What was the worst?
Every one that Blackburn lost when I was a supporter.

Have you held up a sign? If so, what was on it?
Yes, I held up a sign. It was either a G, O, A, or L. The letters were silver and very badly put together using tin foil. Simon then lost them on the bus home from Blackburn and spent the next week phoning bus companies up trying to find them again. I also held up a badly photocopied Hawk from the front of the Hawks match programme.

Would you like to drive a Zamboni?
Yes please. Can you fix it for me please Jim.

Have you ever ice skated before? Are you any good?
Yes, I was Dean's partner before Torvil.

What's your favourite tune that gets played at the Nynex in between the action?
I like all the tunes, because I like dancing. My favourite is either the Guiness song, or YMCA.

Do you have a favourite fight that has happened in a match?
I don't know. The one where the referee had to pick something up with a spade was very good. Also, at the Blackburn game when the Zamboini had to come on to clear up the blood.

Anything else we should know?
Everyone should go and see an ice hockey match as it is much more fun than on the TV, as there is dancing and stuff.

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