The Guestbook : August 1997

My Name:John
Time Signed:Tue Aug 5 17:39
Referred by:I have no idea how I got here!
Comments:nice page - the javascript got me here to make me sign this guestbook. So anyways just came to sign this guestbook before the javascript starts bugging me again see ya!

My Name:Sasha Jade Azevedo
Time Signed:Tue Aug 5 15:51
Referred by:ThunderFlash
Comments:Don't Forget To SMILE!!! ;-)

My Name:stephen riley
Time Signed:Tue Aug 5 08:57
My Team:storm
Referred by:Storm Info
Comments:No comments left

My Name:Roy Tanner
Time Signed:Sun Aug 3 19:26
My Team:Vancouver Canucks
Referred by:Storm Info
Comments:I and my father would like to know if there are any ice hockey leagues in Northen Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

My Name:Simon S-M
Time Signed:Fri Aug 1 01:52
My Team:Manchester Storm
Referred by:I've been here before!
Comments: It's August! 3 weeks to go!!!!

August 1997 total : 5 guests

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