The Guestbook : August 1996

Name: Rebecca The Great
Referred by: You told me to visit, Simon!
From: Planet Mars
Time: 30 August 1996 08:38


Name: derek 50/50 cooper
Referred by: Yahoo
From: Bracknell
Time: 29 August 1996 10:19

Your page isn't bad but not as good as ours.
So it is possible for the STOOOORRM to lose
see you all soon

Name: Simon Harris
Referred by: I found it by pure fluke
From: Salford
Time: 26 August 1996 13:47

Great to see the Storm on the 'net. Pity about the result vs Kingston last night, but I'm sure it''ll all come right when it counts

Name: The Roddies
Referred by: Storm Info
From: Liverpool UK
Time: 26 August 1996 04:19

The storms are brill. The atmosphere is brilliant at the games. The songs, dances are all brill. The storms are totally cool. Ice cool !

Name: Chris McCormick
Website: Melbourne Dolphins Ice Hockey HomePage
Referred by: UK Hockey list
From: Melbourne, Australia
Time: 25 August 1996 19:44

I finally found the page! If you wanted me to have a link from my page why didn't you give me the HRL? I've had to shuffle through about 3 million pages just to find it! It's unreal!

Name: Gemma Duffy
Referred by: Storm Info
From: Milnrow, Rochdale
Time: 25 August 1996 10:49

Good Luck for the forthcoming season.I'll be watching you out on the ICE.

Name: Rebecca Stephenson
Referred by: Yahoo
From: Manchester, England
Time: 23 August 1996 07:53

It's very good, I've been looking for the fixtures for ages. Thanks a bundle, Rebecca

Name: Jennifer Rosevear
Referred by: I found it by pure fluke
From: Oakland, CA
Time: 22 August 1996 13:45

Another set of best wishes goes out to Jeff Sebastian -- if someone could please pass on that although I wish him the best and hope to see him with the Skates next season, I still think he is a maggot for leaving us when he did! (& I want my penny back!)

Name: Mark Grayson-Wood
Website: Mark's Page
Referred by: StormWEB
From: Manchester, but living in Wakefield
Time: 22 August 1996 11:25

See you all at the Steelers away game or in 102 for the Slough jets. Boom Boom Boom let me hear you say Rubachuck!?

Name: yvonne mat & phil wild
Referred by: Yahoo
From: block 108 row b seats 1-4
Time: 19 August 1996 12:40

keep on stormin

Name: Sarah & Rachel Eva
Referred by: A friend told me
From: Stockport
Time: 19 August 1996 10:13

we both love the storm and try to go to see them with our friends as much as possible.We love JAGO and DOWNIE and want to wish them the best of luck this season.

Name: Debbie Munsey
Referred by: You told me to visit, Simon!
From: Liverpool
Time: 19 August 1996 07:38

Don't like your footie songs much. Guess you wouldn't be brave enough to come down to Liverpool and sing them. I still remember that bet we had that you lost and as a result you had to spend the whole day in a LFC home kit. :)

Name: M.Devenny
Website: electro-bytes
Referred by: I found it by pure fluke
From: Sarnia,Ontario , Canada
Time: 18 August 1996 17:56

all this talk about hockey is making want the Canada cup to start today instead of two weeks from now.

Name: Sad Anorak
Website: CyberSaddo
Referred by: I found it by pure fluke
From: Still living with my mum
Time: 16 August 1996 07:39

A very nice page, one of my favourites after and

Name: Shane McGill
Referred by: Other search engine
From: Trenton Ontario Canada
Time: 15 August 1996 19:150

Steve Barnes was my neighbour for 15 years in Gravenhurst Ontario Canada

Name: Sandra & David
Referred by: Lycos
From: Manchester, of course
Time: 15 August 1996 11:14

Can't wait for the season to start. We'll be there for the tournament this weekend!!

Name: Barry
Website: DJ's Bookmark's
Referred by: You told me to visit, Simon!
From: Brooklyn, NY, USA
Time: 13 August 1996 08:02

Great Page!

Name: Drake
Referred by: I found it by pure fluke
From: The Red Rose County
Time: 1996-08-12 17:04:00

Bring on the tykes

Name: Chris Stott
Website: Will have one soon dedicated to manchester sports!
Referred by: Yahoo
From: Lymm, Near Cheshire
Time: 10 August 1996 06:54

I am a season ticket holder at the storm and will soon have my own homepage with them on it.I like your page and MANCHESTER STORM ARE THE GREATEST ICE HOCKEY TEAM EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. :-)

Name: RIK
Website: Hmmmm?
Referred by: Yahoo
From: Sheffield - Hockey Capital UK
Time: 8 August 1996 04:20

Hello at The Storm Shelter! Be carefull there's a twister on the way in the form of Ken Priestlay! Oh you lucky people - just you wait! Pepare to be witness to the REAL storm! Have I ruffled any feathers? Probably not unless you wear Panthers colours.

Name: Ian Fisher
Referred by: Canadian Storm Supporters
From: London, but the North East originally
Time: 6 August 1996 03:32

You'll never be as good as the Warriors !

Name: Keith J. Ortiz
Referred by: Lycos
From: Hayward, Ca. U.S.A.
Time: 5 August 1996 19:54

I want to wish Jeff Sabastian the best of luck, and let him know that the Oakland Skates miss him alot. We're going to win it all for you Bro.

Name: Howard Beckman & Paul Jenkinson
Referred by: I'm from P&P
From: Manchester
Time: 3 August 1996 15:15

Why no Stokes ???? Best wishes from Block 104

Name: Alan Temke
Referred by: Yahoo
From: Washington, Tyne & Wear
Time: 2 August 1996 02:58

Welcome to the big time boys and girls. As a hockey supporter of 10 years standing (supporting the Durham Wasps/Newcastle Cobras) I am sure the Storm fans and players will enjoy the coming season with an even better standard of hockey available than last year. I see there are only two teams with home pages on Yahoo so well done. Newcastle Cobras may join you with their own home page but at the moment they are still dazed over the capture of Alan Shearer by the football team. Some of us are trying to sort out season tickets for the Cobras but the box office is continually jammed by fans adding their name to Newcastle United waitng list for season tickets. Good luck for the coming season.

Referred by: Yahoo
Time: 1 August 1996 09:18


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