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Andrew Cooper
Interviewed August 1996

Tell us about yourself!
I work at P&P in Haslingden, but I'm from Hull. I don't really like ice hockey all that much but I have been to some games.

What's the story behind you becoming a Manchester Storm fan?
I'm not a Storm fan, I'm a Hull whatever they are now fan. Last time I remember they were called Humberside Seahawks.

What's your favourite place to watch the matches in the Nynex Arena?
In a box with a bar.

How do away rinks that you've been to compare to the Nynex?
The ones with no boxes are rubbish.

What was your favourite player from last season?
I liked the skating nuns at Blackburn best.

What do you think of the video screens?
They're good, like the music - that's good as well.

Jon Hammond - the announcer?
The announcer talks rubbish!

What was your favourite game that you've seen so far?
The one when I was in the box with a bar.

What was the worst?
At Blackburn - it was freezing.

Have you held up a sign? If so, what was on it?

Would you like to drive a Zamboni?
No, I'd like to see one run over a player though.

Have you ever ice skated before? Are you any good?
I can only skate in a straight line.

What's your favourite tune that gets played at the Nynex in between the action?
de, de,, de, de.... etc.

Do you have a favourite fight that has happened in a match?
When the guy's face went splat all over the ice.

Anything else we should know?
I've got a theme tune :

Andy Cooper
Andy Cooper
Andy Andy Cooper

He comes from Hull
He's on the pull
Andy Andy Cooper

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