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Into The Storm is an independant online publication with no connection with Manchester Storm, its players and management. However, the pages reflect the views of a selection of Manchester Storm supporters and Into The Storm takes no responsibility for any comments or views left by other users. Into the Storm is not liable for any inaccuracies contained within this Web site or any problems that appear to result from the visiting of this site. The site is accessed at the user's own risk. Some information or graphics may have been provided for this site only, so if you want to have anything, let me know first. Into The Storm cannot be held responsible for actions of third parties if the information provided here is used elsewhere out of context or otherwise. Leaving your e-mail address anywhere on the Internet could result in junk mail to your e-mail box and Into The Storm can take no responsibility for this - it has happened to me already! Any mails received in this way are harmless - usually just adverts. Into The Storm actively discourages spamming and will contact the ISP of any user known to have misused the Internet in this way.

Into The Storm is made possible only because of the work done by a number of people.

Simon Sandiford-Mitchell

Into The Storm was invented by Simon Sandiford-Mitchell in May 1996. All maintenance, design and programming is done by Simon - so all comments and complaints to him please. Simon works for U-Net, the Internet Service Provider and lives in Manchester.

Glen Southern

Into The Storm is sponsored by Southern Graphics. The new logos for Into The Storm have all been provided by Southern Graphics. Southern Graphics are based in Middlewich, Cheshire.

Contact Southern Graphics by e-mail at glen@southern.u-net.com.
Visit the Southern Graphics Web page at http://www.southern.northwich.com.

Mike Landers

Match reports are provided for Into The Storm by Mike Landers. The reports are linked from the Results page and are hosted by Mike's own Storm page Fire On Ice. Mike Landers lives in Manchester and reports on every Storm game that he attends.

Contact Mike Landers by e-mail at plissken@netcomuk.co.uk.
Visit Mike's Fire On Ice Web page at http://www.netcomuk.co.uk/~plissken/storm.htm.

Damian Webber

Most match statistics are provided for Into The Storm by Damian Webber. The match statistics are linked from the Results page and are hosted by Damian's own Storm page The Storm Shelter. Damian Webber lives in Preston, Lancashire, runs his own company Preston Courier Company and records statistics for every Storm game that he attends. Rink directions for Storm Blitz are also provided by Damian Webber.

Contact Damian Webber by e-mail at storm@omen1.demon.co.uk.
Visit Damian's The Storm Shelter Web page at http://www.omen1.demon.co.uk/storm/index.html.

Roger Cook

Storm Action Photos are provided by Roger Cook for Into The Storm. The photographs are all his own work and are taken at the Nynex Arena in games involving Manchester Storm. Roger is a Sheffield Steelers supporter and lives in Sheffield, South Yorkshire.

Contact Roger Cook by e-mail at Roger.Cook@sheffield.ac.uk.
Visit Roger's Web page at http://www.geocities.com/Baja/9577.
Click on Roger's photo to see a full length picture.


MISCONDUCT! are three Storm fans who provide all the information for the MISCONDUCT! page on Into The Storm. Their identities are top secret but they can normally be found in the Nynex Arena for Storm games wearing...replica shirts! MISCONDUCT! live in Prestwich, Manchester (after they've staggered from The Arches).

Contact MISCONDUCT! by e-mail at misconduct@deathsdoor.com.

Colin Morris

Colin Morris does the scanning for Into The Storm. Colin works for U-Net and lives in Northwich, Cheshire.

Contact Colin Morris by e-mail at colin@northwich.com.
Visit Colin's Welcome To Northwich Web page at http://www.northwich.com.

Mike Vrooman

Information for the Ice Hockey In Canada page on Into The Storm is provided by Mike Vrooman. Mike lives in Ontario, Canada and is the founder of Canadian Junior C team Simcoe Storm.

Contact Mike Vrooman by e-mail at mvrooman@netroute.net.
Visit Mike's Simcoe Storm Web page at http://www.nornet.on.ca/~ssmith/storm.html.

Stephanie Wilde

Information for the Ice Hockey In Canada page on Into The Storm is also provided by Stephanie Wilde. Stephanie lives in Canada and is a fan of Calgary Flames.

Contact Stephanie Wilde by e-mail at wildeg@cadvision.com.

Many thanks also to all the fans who contribute to the Message Forum, the Guestbook and all the other features. Your contributions are always welcome. Of course, thanks also to all the visitors who've given me their comments - remember this is your page!

Storm Info

Into The Storm is a member of Storm Info, the Index page for Manchester Storm's 7 major unofficial Web sites.

Southern Graphics

Into The Storm is sponsored by Southern Graphics.

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Web statistics are provided by FX Web, the free Web Statistics service.

Virtual Manchester

Some maps on Into The Storm were provided by Virtual Manchester.

SneakerChat JavaChat

The Storm Chat Java applet is hosted by SneakerChat.


Into The Storm is hosted by U-Net, the Number 1 Internet Service Provider, as rated by Internet magazine, September 1997.

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Into The Storm is a UK Web site. It is hosted in the UK and is of interest to UK Internet users.

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Into The Storm was first created in May 1996 and launched on 13 May 1996 as Inter The Storm, a place to find news and interviews from Manchester Storm. It has now developed into a news and information service, as well as a look at light hearted sides of ice hockey and Manchester Storm in particular. On 1 May 1997, Into The Storm was launched as a new improved version of the site with new features such as the Manchester Storm Message Forum. The site had an official link with Stormforce for approximately 6 months, but in August the official supporters club decided that it was in their best interests to withdraw links with an unofficial site and to instead to wait for the official Storm Web site to be launched. In October 1997, Into The Storm announced a sponsorship deal with Southern Graphics of Northwich and so was relaunched with new graphics and a brand new URL of www.intothestorm.co.uk. Into The Storm is in no way intended as an official guide to Manchester Storm.

All of the pages at Into The Storm and the majority of graphics on the site are created and written using nothing more complex than Notepad. If you wish to contribute anything then please let me know and I'll be happy to include it.

These pages are maintained by Simon Sandiford-Mitchell and hosted by U-Net.