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My Name:ronnieg
Time Signed:Thu Jul 31 17:44
Referred by:GeoCities
Comments:Attempted to post an image

My Name: sam
Time Signed:Thu Jul 31 12:43
My Team:could it be any more obvious? (Manchester, of course)
Referred by:The Storm Shelter
Comments:I had some really bad withdrawal symptons this summer. Can't wait to see rubberduck and the old guys plus the new guys again. Disappointed to find finnie had left. Viva las vegas! see you at the storm shelter and good luck and all that stuff to the team bye

My Name:Grace & Clare
Time Signed:Wed Jul 30 12:08
Referred by:I've been here before!
Comments:Ruby cleaning windows - which city exactly??????? Shame the new netminders can't get permits, I suppose we'll just have to have Finnie back!

My Name:Adam Fletcher
Time Signed:Wed Jul 23 14:39
My Team:What team?
Referred by:GeoCities
Comments:What's the point

My Name:Selina Kyle
Time Signed:Mon Jul 21 11:41
Referred by:I've been here before!
Comments:Miller for #7,as someone said ages ago and probably caused uproar.... By the way, Dale chose not to be #7 this season.

My Name:Frank
Time Signed:Sat Jul 19 01:02
My Team:Moskitos Essen
Referred by:GeoCities
Comments:Hello, I'm a ice hockey fan from germany. I'm doing a placement from August until October in Manchester. So, I hope I will see a match in GB!

My Name:Gemma Tarrant
Time Signed:Sun Jul 13 09:23
Referred by:UK Search
Comments:Welcome to the new players and glad to see the rest back

My Name:Pavel Bure Fan Club
Time Signed:Sat Jul 12 07:48
My Team:Vancouver Canucks of the NHL
Referred by:UK Local Pages
Comments: Cool! I love hockey pages.

My Name:Graeme
Time Signed:Fri Jul 11 10:08
My Team:Manchester
Referred by:I've been here before!
Comments:When I try to access the forum, I keep being told that "document contains no data."

My Name:Marcel
Time Signed:Thu Jul 10 16:36
Referred by:GeoCities
Comments:I invite you, to take a look at my homepage Marcel
Attempted to post an image

Time Signed:Tue Jul 8 12:05
My Team:Hmmm..Manchester...we think??
Referred by:GeoCities
Comments:Hi Selina, according to storm blitz Jago is not playing No.7 this season..We think they tossed a coin for the shirt..Thankyou Kindly! MISCONDUCT!

Time Signed:Tue Jul 8 11:57
My Team:we think you know
Referred by:GeoCities
Comments:Al, IT'S TRUE! Ruby is cleaning windows in the city centre! A member of the MISCONDUCT! team saw him with her own eyes! Thankyou Kindly! MISCONDUCT!

My Name:Selina Kyle
Time Signed:Tue Jul 8 05:02
My Team:Storm
Referred by:I've been here before!
Comments: Hi Al, With reference to Kris Miller and the number seven shirt, I suspect that Dale will still have the rights to it as he was here first.

My Name:Al
Time Signed:Tue Jul 8 04:34
My Team:hahaveryfunny
Referred by:GeoCities
Comments:well this guestbook is interesting! is it true Ruby is cleaning windows in the city centre, cool job! i've always wanted to go on those little lethal lift thingies up the side of a skyscrapper (ish, we don't really have any do we?) So Kris has the no.7 eh? my mates dad'll be miffed, he forked out for Jago 1st season no. 7 shirt. anyone is welcome to e-mail me provided you are a little mad and not a Sheffield fan (although i may well end up there for uni!) i digress tata!

My Name:JHYJ
Time Signed:Tue Jul 1 04:20
My Team: DUHH!!
Referred by:GeoCities
Comments:Yes, I'm first! Ner Ner Ne-Ner Ner!!!

My Name:Simon S-M
Time Signed:Tue Jul 1 01:13
My Team: Manchester Storm
Referred by:I've been here before!
Comments:It's July - the last full month before the season starts!!!!!

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