You may well remember the mild dig at Sheffield Steelers that appeared on the Stormforce pages of the match programme for the Storm v Steelers game on Sunday 27 October 1996. This editiorial was a severely edited version of what was supposed to be there. The decision to edit out Stormforce's friendly dig at the Steelers was apparantly taken by John Lawless. Talking to Into The Storm, Mick Thompson, Stormforce's Press Officer said,

John Lawless and Jennifer Dobson, the matchnight programme editor, were then asked to attend the next Stormforce Committee meeting to discuss the matter in full!

The reason for the dig at Sheffield Steelers was that it was a response to an article in GAME ON, the Sheffield Steelers matchnight programme from Sat 21 September 1996 written by Dave Simms. This was how the first paragraph appeared in the programme:

This provoked the Storm programme for the Steelers match to have a dig. In case you missed it, the Stormforce editorial went as follows:

So, this is what SHOULD have appeared:

Then came this in November....

It is reported that Mr Lawless has not responded in any way to the letter sent to him by Stormforce asking for an explanation or to confirm that he shall be attending the Stormforce committee meeting to discuss the matter. Unconfirmed reports suggest that he is booked on a plane to Canada on that day - with a ticket paid for by Stormforce - and that they may consider stopping the plane ticket if he there is still no response. Until the matter is resolved, Mick Thompson, the Stormforce Press Officer, who usually writes the editiorials for each match programme is refusing to write another - that is why the Newcastle game had only one Stormforce page and the the Ayr game had a passage from Linda Harper (Events Officer) instead.

In December, this happened!...

John Lawless did attend the Stormforce committee meeting as requested but was very unhappy at being asked to do so. He felt that it was totally unnecessary for him to be there. There was only one point on the agenda for the meeting and it was the editorial issue. An agreement was eventually reached between the two sides but Stormforce are very unhappy with the situation and so is John Lawless.

This is the January update!...

I received a statement from Stormforce's press officer, Mick Thompson, which reflects the views of the Stormforce committee. The statement refers to the ongoing issue with regard to the programme editorial from the Storm v Steelers game earlier in the season. To follow is the statement in full:

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