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My Name:McKenzie
Time Signed:Wed Oct 29 13:49
Referred by:GeoCities
Comments:No comments left.

My Name:Jeff Lowman
Time Signed:Fri Oct 24 11:34
My Team:Hampton Roads Admirals/Manchester
Referred by:StormWEB
Comments:I had the pleausre of watching Dominic Maltais, play in the ECHL, in America. He is a tuff great player and we miss him dearly. He was a great Admiral, and we miss him, tell him we hope he is enjoying himself better

My Name:donna
Time Signed:Thu Oct 23 21:26
Referred by:Yahoo
Comments:Hi! Have you heard about the super discount airline fares you can get if you know where to look? I have a website:

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My Name:Keith Miller
Time Signed:Wed Oct 8 21:08
My Team:Storm
Referred by:GeoCities
Comments:Get another message to Kris Miller: I need a pic of you in a Storm sweatshirt ASAP or I'm up sh!t creek! Ignore this Jeff :)

My Name:Keith Miller
Time Signed:Wed Oct 8 20:26
My Team:Manchester Storm
Referred by:GeoCities
Comments:Get message to Kris Miller to call his brother back home in Minnesota. It's urgent!

My Name:Andy Mitchell
Time Signed:Wed Oct 8 11:58
My Team:Bracknell Bees
Referred by:I've been here before!
Comments:I hope you dont do too well on Saturday, at least not well enough to beat us!!!!

My Name:Phil Worthington
Time Signed:Sat Oct 4 16:43
Referred by:StormWEB
Comments:"The Referee's a Devil"

My Name:Michael Monk
Time Signed:Thu Oct 2 11:51
My Team:Storm
Referred by:ThunderFlash
Comments: HELP, I'm at uni at sheffield Hallam, so not only do I have to put up looking at Steelers stuff every where, I'm going to miss the Storm's best ever season. What makes it worse is I couldn't make it the shef. arena to see the Storm beat the Stealers. DOH. Good Luck Storm. P.S. can anyone get me FREE tickets to the Steelers game in shef. against the storm. Two FREE tickets would go down a treat. If you don't ask you won't get!

My Name:Jeff Olsen
Time Signed:Wed Oct 1 19:20
My Team:Orlando SOLAR BEARS
Referred by:GeoCities
Comments:We will definitely miss Kris Miller on "D" here in Orlando. Best wishes to the STORM this season. Take good care of Kris, Dianna, & Kaitlyn. If anyone has any pictures of him in a STORM sweater please E-mail one to me. I have many more also. By the way SOMEBODY please e-mail me. Take care.

My Name:Chris Rutsch
Time Signed:Wed Oct 1 19:09
My Team:Hartford Whalers
Referred by:I have no idea how I got here!
Comments:Cool Page! My page doesn't work with IE4 either. Netscape's better anyway... Have a look at my pages at

My Name:Pat & Ed Olsen
Time Signed:Wed Oct 1 18:57
My Team:Orlando Solar Bears
Referred by:GeoCities
Comments:Just saw the picture of Kris Miller that our son, Jeff Olsen took when Kris was playing for the SolarBears. We live in Virginia now but in a few years will be heading back to Orlando to retire. Good Luck to the Storm!

My Name:Mel and Muppet
Time Signed:Wed Oct 1 09:24
My Team:Guildford, Chelmsford and anyone else at the time
Referred by:I have no idea how I got here!
Comments:That is the story of our lives, we have no idea who we are either. BUT if you do not think us mad enough then shout a bit and we will become more mad, is this possible!! I think not in our case. Keep going storm as I remember you in your childhood at Chelmsford, I know you beat us but who cares. Luck and madness Muppet and Mel (editors of a mad publication)

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