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Sad Bs
Interviewed November 1996

Tell us about yourself!
We've been sad ever since Slough away (last season's play-offs) when we found out that our parents were unmarried.

What's the story behind you becoming a Manchester Storm fan?
We're not. We're Sad B******s.

What's your favourite place to watch the matches in the Nynex Arena?
In OUR seats.

How do away rinks that you've been to compare to the Nynex?
Far better. More atmosphere, more cosy, more abusive, more interactive (you even get to bang on the plexi at some rinks).

What was your favourite player from last season?
Nathan (liked his scoring prowess).

What do you think of Lightning Jack?
Do you mean Damian?

Jon Hammond - the announcer?
Do you mean Noddy?

The video screens?
No good since the 'Sarah!' advert got removed. The new ref signs are crap (Ed's note - should have had Les 'on the information super' Heighway instead).

The cheerleaders?
Cheerleaders or Sad slappers?

The band?
Would prefer to see some clothing.

Drum Tart?
She must have hands like a navvy. She's got a gob like a fog horn. Yes, we can see the vein, and no, we don't want to do a wave.

The ice-cream sellers?
Good replica Ejsberg kit.

What was your favourite game that you've seen so far?
Slough away (last season's play-offs). Smith's fight was spectacular. The night the 'Sad B's' were conceived.

What was the worst?
Kingston away.

Have you held up a sign? If so, what was on it?
'Noddy' and 'Ducks' - but not in the same blocks.

Would you like to drive a Zamboni?
Where would you like me to drive it?

Have you ever ice skated before? Are you any good?
Yes. About the level of the first line.

What's your favourite tune that gets played at the Nynex in between the action?
Boom, boom, boom ! Let me hear you say FINNIE!

Do you have a favourite fight that has happened in a match?
All of Stefan's, Lindsay & Ruby (last season in Nynex). Wee Davey at Slough.

Anything else we should know?
We should know the way to away venues but we don't.

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