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My Name:Adam
Time Signed:Tue Sep 30 19:47
My Team:MCFC and the Storm
Referred by:Other search engine
Comments:I found this through Metacrawler. Nice Pages. Go Storm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Name:Erika
Time Signed:Tue Sep 30 06:57
My Team:IHL Orlando Solar Bears
Referred by:GeoCities
Comments:What a great page! You do a wonderful job of keeping people up to date on your team. I was referred to your page when I was searching for an ex-Bear who is now playing for the Storm, Kris Miller. Sounds like he is doing just as well as we always knew he could, if only he got more icetime. Good luck this season, and our Orlando best to "Millsy".

My Name:Nicky Crowther
Time Signed:Tue Sep 30 04:57
My Team:Manchester Storm
Referred by:Storm match programme
Comments:Craig Woodcroft is cool!!

My Name:Simon
Time Signed:Sun Sep 28 21:29
My Team:Bolton Wanderers..oh hang on this is Ice hockey erm lemme think.... MANCHESTER STORM
Referred by: Fire on Ice
Comments:Well comming off the back of the Newcastle game (i was lucky i saw both away and home) hehe it's like playing in a corridor at newcastle and it's cold no big screen and the language is like Bulgarian and the sound system comes out of one speaker well that's all we could see....Well as a Original Supporter who's been to more games than money would allow i think this years squad is something special kurt want's 'A' trophy i think we can win the lot!!!!! see you at the next home game Dynamo or Cardif let's show the Welsh men what happens when the Boyz are back in town see me in block 111 row U seat 11 im always there

My Name:Carl Johnstone
Time Signed:Sat Sep 27 02:41
Referred by:GeoCities
Comments:Looking good for the new season isn't it!

My Name:Andy Banks
Time Signed:Wed Sep 24 15:03
My Team:who else !! but the storm
Referred by:Storm match programme
Comments: Terrfic web page keep up the good work guys. By the way just seen the Newcastle result on teletext. Another Storm win away; is this the start of something big i ask myself? warriors 3 storm 5

My Name:Gethin
Time Signed:Tue Sep 23 13:20
My Team:Devils
Referred by:GeoCities
Comments:Ain't winning in Sheffield good!!! You get to sing We are number 1 in that big echoy coridoor COOL

My Name:Nicky
Time Signed:Mon Sep 22 12:49
My Team:Renegades & Manchester
Referred by:The Storm Shelter
Comments:I have been a long time Hockey fan. I have been keping up w/ the Storm for 2 yrs. I am a friend of Mike Morin. I live in the States. If anyone knows a way to get in touch w/ him please send me a note. It's important!!!!!!! The Storm have been doing well this year-- keep it up

My Name:heather
Time Signed:Fri Sep 19 08:52
My Team:ummm.. tough question
Referred by:Storm Info
Comments:wahay! looks like the start of a good (ish) season, top of the B H table, (for now) Good luck against the Squeelers this weekend I await the result with baited breath, (I'm not going because nasty things always happen to me at the change over in Leeds train station) and besides I'm a poor student and I can't afford it. See ya, Heather

My Name:annette
Time Signed:Thu Sep 18 09:34
My Team:ratinger icealiens
Referred by:GeoCities
Comments:Hi Manchester!!! Many greetings from Germany! I have one question: Is Mark Montanari playing for your team this season or not??? Cos our newspaper wrote that. Or do you know, if he will play for another english team???? Thank you very much...Yours Annette PS: Please send me an email!!

My Name:Billy Butters
Time Signed:Wed Sep 17 19:39
My Team:Manchester
Referred by:GeoCities
Comments:This is a message for Dale Jago. Lindsay, Trent, and Rob think Dale should stick to hockey and quit cheating at night golf. Did Dale get the e-mail from Cut's? Later, and go Storm!!!! (and break a leg, Dale!) not literally of course!

My Name:c vaughan
Time Signed:Wed Sep 17 03:42
My Team:manchester storm
Referred by:Storm match programme
Comments:No comments left

My Name:Martin
Time Signed:Tue Sep 16 09:43
My Team: Sheffield Steelers (sorry!)
Referred by:GeoCities
Comments: OOps, machine did something wrong. Anyway, i've just got myself 2 tickets to see storm lose at the hands of the glorious steelers!, but your website is a bit better than ours, and more piccies to look at!!, see you on the 11/15 nov.

My Name:Martin
Time Signed:Tue Sep 16 09:41
My Team: Sheffield Steelers (sorry!)
Referred by:GeoCities
Comments: Easy to find

My Name:Jay
Time Signed:Fri Sep 12 14:22
My Team:?
Referred by:GeoCities
Comments:No comments left

My Name:Pete Lam
Time Signed:Fri Sep 12 11:46
My Team:Storm
Referred by:GeoCities
Comments:Very nice page! Please sign my guestbook.

My Name:Sheila Thompson (Nee Hall)
Time Signed:Mon Sep 8 21:53
My Team:Edmonton Oilers
Referred by:Other newsgroup
Comments:Hi Simon, Just registering for another year. I followed the Storm last year on the internet from Canada and hope they have a better season this year. My family emigrated from Clayton, Manchester, in 1971, and I am a very serious hockey fan both here in Canada and my homeland Manchester. Good Luck To The Storm.

Your name: David Logan
How you found us: Other ice hockey Web pages
From: Paisley, Scotland
Time: 7 September 1997 22:25

Saw the Storm blow The Pirates off course on Friday (6.9.97). You guts look good I Like the look of your number 77 good player. Good to see Jago still a pain in the backside!!! Best of Luck for the new season. See ya, Dave

My Name:Karli
Time Signed:Wed Sep 3 05:29
Referred by:GeoCities
Comments:Cool page, please check out my page at And sign my guest book.

My Name:JOE
Time Signed:Mon Sep 1 17:33
Referred by:Storm Info

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