Sound Clips

Before GMR decided to finally give us some match commentary of Manchester Storm, I decided to record my own! The match between Manchester Storm and Bracknell Bees on Thursday 23 January 1997 became the Into The Storm "live" commentary game with the commentary team of me (representing Storm) and Alex "The Rabid Bee" Craven (representing Bracknell). The sound clips are quite poor sound quality but just about listenable - what do you expect from a cheap microphone and a dictaphone as the "top quality" equipment! Unfortunately I missed the second period as I pressed PLAY not RECORD! I also missed the first half of the third period as the microphone came out and I didn't notice for ages! You will be able to hear a sample clip of me commentating on the end of the game if you wait a few seconds for it to load up and you have a capable browser

Other Manchester Storm clips

  • A Storm Chant! (90KB)

    Are We In Sheffield?

  • Steelers v Panthers clip from Whoosh... (79KB)
  • Whoosh It's Behind You (59KB)
  • Cotton Eyed Joe (no words bit) (156KB)
  • Cotton Eyed Joe (bit with words in) (162KB)

    Are We In America?

  • Lets Get Ready To Rumble (311KB)

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