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Damian Webber

Damian Webber

Interviewed April 1997

Tell us about yourself!
I'm 31 and I own a courier company in Preston, Lancs, I smoke too much, drink too much, and am the proud owner of a 1986 Lamborghini Countach.

What's the story behind you becoming a Manchester Storm fan?
My mates boss had front row season tickets for the first season of the Storm and was unable to go, so gave my mate the tickets, he rang me up and asked if I wanted to go. Having nothing particularly exciting to do that evening I said I'd go. I suppose I was expecting it to be pretty boring and dull, how wrong I was. It was November 5th, bonfire night and the Storm certainly set the Nynex alight with a 15-2 victory over the Solihull Barons, and I was totally hooked, and have been to nearly every game since.

What's your favourite place to watch the matches in the Nynex Arena?
I prefer to sit behind the goal in 118 although next season I'm switching to the opposite goal end in the hope of seeing more Storm goals (with a bit of luck the Drum Tart will swap ends as well otherwise I'll have to buy some earplugs).

How do away rinks that you've been to compare to the Nynex?
Nothing can compare to the Nynex, Sheffield is about the best of the rest, although standing next to the plexi in Basingstoke is good too. As a general rule bigger is better.

Who is your favourite player since you've watched Storm?
As sponsor of Hilton I would have said him, but I have been that impressed with Nick Poole this season that Nick gets my vote, with John Finnie coming second for his total commitment to the Storm.

What do you think about the season just finished?
After last seasons triumphs it was hard to get used to losing so much, but that said I still thoroughly enjoyed nearly every game, as has been said before there were many highs and lows.

What do you think of Lightning Jack?
I like our mascot, but think he should get more involved during the match. Other mascots tend to go through the crowd egging them on and I think Jack should do the same.

Jon Hammond - the announcer?
Does a good job, and when I've met him, he's always willing to talk to you, nice chap.

The band?
Most of the time OK, but during Boom Boom Boom, I wish they's learn to hit the drums in time with the beats. To be fair it may just be the accoustics, but it sounds awful.

Drum Tart?
Mmmmmm, I'll be tactful and abstain.

The ice-cream sellers?
Like the nutty guy with all the badges, he's a good laugh.

What was your favourite game that you've seen so far?
Last game of the regular season, Storm 6 Steelers 2, I don't think anything else will replace that feeling of elation at finally stuffing it to the Steelers.

What was the worst?
There have been quite a few this season if I had to pick one I think it would be the defeat by Nottingham Panthers when we were winning 5-2 going in to the last period (I can sympathise with Ayr).

Have you held up a sign? If so, what was on it?

Would you like to drive a Zamboni?
Why not.

Have you ever ice skated before? Are you any good?
Used to roller skate a lot when I was younger, and started Ice Skating during last seasons break, OK and getting better.

What's your favourite tune that gets played at the Nynex in between the action?
We Will Rock You.

Do you have a favourite fight that has happened in a match?
Has to be the Ruggles / Kummu penalty box one, that was a good one. Second place to Jeff Lindsay for taking on Kovacs

Anything else we should know?
I hate the opening tune / show, the best arena should have a gob-smacking entrance show for the players. I have an 50mw argon laser system I'd be happy to provide (for a moderate fee) and change the music to something with a bit of oomph.

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