Storms Around The World

Manchester Storm may be the Storm that we all know and love, but there are more. A number of teams around the world have the suffix STORM. Below are all the Storms that I know about!

There are currently 31 Storms listed here!


    Streatham Storm

    Streatham Storm are a UK women's ice hockey team. The team's inaugural season is 1997/98 and they play at Streatham Ice Arena, which is in South London, England.

    Derby Storm

    Derby Storm are a basketball team playing in the Premier Division of the UK Budweiser Basketball league. Their stadium is Moorways Sports Centre.

    Budweiser League

    Derby Storm play out of Derbyshire, just to the east of Greater Manchester. The address is Moorways Sports Centre, Moor Lane, Allenton, Derby, Derbyshire, England.


    Tampa Bay Storm

    Tampa Bay Storm are an indoor American Football team playing in Florida, USA. They play in the Arena Football League.

    Storm HelmetArena Football League

    They are 4 time and reigning champions, having won the championship in 1991, 1993, 1995 and 1996. The Arena Football League is an indoor version of American Football with slightly modified rules.


    Toledo Storm

    Toldeo Storm are an ice hockey team that play in the East Coast Hockey League and are based in Ohio, USA. Steve Barnes (ex-Storm, now Nottingham) is a former Toledo Storm player. Toledo Storm are the 1993 and 1994 ECHL Rileycup Champions.


    Bergen Storm

    Bergen Storm are an American Football team - that play in Norway! They are based in Bergen in the Hordaland region of Norway. The team was created in 1992 when the two local teams Bergen Bulldogs and Bergen Flyers merged to create Bergen Storm. They play in the first division of the Norwegen American Football League.


    Guelph Storm

    Guelph Storm are an ice hockey team from Canada playing in the Ontario Hockey League, one of the three major junior leagues that make up the Canadian Hockey League. Last year, Guelph Storm reached the last four of the Memorial Cup competition.


    Simcoe Storm

    Simcoe Storm are a junior ice hockey team from Ontario, Canada playing in the Niagara West Ontario Hockey Association Junior C Division. The play in Simcoe, a town in South Ontario, Canada.


    Grande Prairie Storm

    Grande Prairie Storm are a Junior A ice hockey team in Alberta, Canada and play in the Alberta Junior Hockey League.


    Boston Storm

    Boston Storm are a now defunct soccer team that used to play in Division 3 of the United States League. The team folded in 1995 after the franchise for Boston USISL soccer was bought by Cape Cod and then decided that Boston Storm were not in their plans. The club was founded in 1992 and were based in Boston, New England, USA.


    Shreveport Storm are a now defunct team that used to play in the Continental Basketball Association - the farm league for the NBA.

    Continental Basketball Association

    They were based in Shreveport, Louisiana, USA from 1994 when professional basketball first hit the area. They were called Crawdads for their first season and at the start of the 1995/96 season were renamed Storm. The team folded in March 1996 just before the 1996/97 season began because the league didn't think they had sufficient backing.


    Lake Elsinore Storm

    Lake Elsinore Storm are a baseball team that plays in the Freeware Division of the California League, as they have since their birth in since 1994. They won the league championship in the 1996 season beating San Jose Giants. They have been awarded the 1998 All-Star game. Lake Elsinore Storm are a Class A Advanced Farm team for the Anaheim Angels team.


    Memphis Storm

    Memphis Storm are an team that play in the Western Conference of the Computer Sports Edge Football League.

    Computer Sports Edge Football League

    The CSEFL is an 18 team Front Page Sports (American) Football '97 League using real NFL players. It is effectively a Fantasy Football League for American Football. Memphis Storm is run by Darian Rafie and they won the "1996" and "1998" Championships known as the Margarita Bowl. The "team" has been going for four seasons. Memphis have never lost a home game and have lead the league in total offense and defense two of the last three seasons. They have been to 2 out of the 3 Margarita Bowls (superbowl) and won both. They are quarterbacked by the league MVP Ron Kozerski, affectionately known as the "K-Devil". Storm are known for our tenacious defense (sacks sacks sacks) and prolific passing game. They have had at least two first round picks in every draft. This year and the one after this will be no exception as deals have already been done that have gathered the team additional #1s to keep moving toward youth.


    San Jose Storm

    San Jose Storm are a Women's Professional Indoor Volleyball Team playing in the newly formed Professional Volleyball League (PVL) (called "Pro Volleyball"). San Jose Storm are entering their fifth year of competition. It is believed that they are the oldest active women's professional sports team in the United States. They are comprised largely of local talent from the bay area, many of whom have distinguished themselves as top level players in both the indoor and outdoor arena. Storm play their games in Livermore, California.



    California Storm are a women's soccer team that play in the West Division of the W-League women's soccer league, which is part of the United Systems Of Independent Soccer Leagues. The team play in Sacramento, California and recently changed their name from Sacramento Storm.


    Simpson Storm
    Simpson Storm

    Simpson Storm are a set of College teams from Indianola, Iowa. From the time Simpson captured the initial (american) football league title in 1923, the men and women wearing the red and gold have built a tradition of success and stability in the 73-year old league. The Storm is the new nickname for all of the 18 intercollegiate sports. Simpson is a member of a small conference (The Iowa Intercollegiate Athletic Conference) made up of 10 private institutions. On offer at Simpson is (american) football, volleyball, cross country running, track and field, basketball, wrestling, softball, baseball, swimming, soccer, tennis and golf. The Storm came about as a result of a wave of political correctness that hit all over the United States. Native American tribes felt offended by the mockery many schools but for the most part professional sports teams were making of their heritage. Simpson made the decision to change thier team name from the Redmen and Lady Reds to the Storm in 1992 and the name was scrutinized by many for a couple of years, needless to say the Redmen did not go down without a fight. The last of the Redmen, graduated in 1995 and the Storm rolls on.


    Thursday Storm are a Canadian rec ice hockey team playing in the True North Hockey Canada league.

    True North Hockey Canada

    It is a pay-per-play league and there are many teams involved in the league of all abilities. Thursday Storm have played in the Winter league on a Thursday night and now play in the Thursday Summer 2nd Division of the league. In the Thursday Night regular season, the Storm (different team) finished 4th in the 6 team D-1 league. They were defeated in the first round 1-0 by the 5th place Upper Canada Marleys. Yes that's Marleys as in the late Sir Bob Marley (don't ask). The Upper Canada Marleys went on to the final against the 1st place Nationals and were defeated in 3 games in the championship (3-1, 2-4, 3-6).


    Storm are team from the True North Hockey Canada league. The league is part of the Canadian Adult Recreational Hockey league.

    Canadian Adult Recreational Hockey

    Storm played in the Winter league on a Sunday night. In the regular season, the Storm finished 5th in the 6 team Barilko Division of the weekend league. Their first playoff game was against the 4th place Huskies who they defeated 6-2. In the semi-final, the Storm were defeated by the Green Hornets 2-1. The Green Hornets went on to the final against the Leitch Leafs who won the best of three in two straight games (2-0 and 6-2).

    Decatur Storm

    Decatur Storm played in the Continental Hockey League between 1981 and 1984. They played their home games in Decatur, Illinois, USA. They started in 1981-82, played that full season, folded after 5 games in 1982-83, and then played a full season in 1983-84. The Continental Hockey League was about the lowest pro league at the time and became the All-American Hockey League in 1987.


    Portland Storm

    Portland Storm were a member of the "rebel" american football league called the World Football League which ran for only two seasons (1974 and 1975). Portland Storm took part in the 1974 season before changing their name to Portland Thunder for the 1975 season. They played at the 33,000 capacity Portland Civic Stadium and finished 3rd in the 4-team Western Division in 1974.


    Sherwood Storm
    Sherwood Storm are a "fantasy" ice hockey team from the Electronic Highway Hockey League, Tutan Conference, Davara Division run by Kevin Dunbar


    Saint John Storm

    Saint John Storm are an amateur roller hockey team that play in the Kennebecasis Valley Roller Hockey League, one of the first organised leagues in Canada.

    Kennebecasis Valley Roller Hockey League

    The team was formed in 1993 as NB Bauer Selects. The name was changed in 1995 to Saint John Storm because all of the players were from the greater Saint John area.


    Hockey North America League

    Chicago Storm are a rec ice hockey team that play in the Hockey North America League. The team play in the Intermediate League Chicago, Illinois, Tier C2. They qualified for the League Championships Play-off tournament in the 1996/97 season.


    Hockey North America League

    New York Storm are a rec ice hockey team that play in the Hockey North America League Intermediate League New York/Westchester County B Division. New York Storm qualified for the League Championship Play-off Tournament in 1996/97.


    Hockey North America League

    Omaha Storm are an ice hockey team that play in the Hockey North America League Intermediate League Omaha, Nebraska Upper Division.

  • STORM '85

    Storm '85

    Storm '85 are a girls soccer team. The Storm Soccer Club was established in 1982 with the primary goals of developing a youth soccer program that is dedicated to the advancement of youth soccer skills and building character. The club is built administratively on a strong volunteer base that builds a sense of community within the club. The club players will be selected through the try-out process. The development of teams will be through training and building from within the team framework, hence the building of the different teams will occur over a period of years. These three ingredients will generate an atmosphere for the most progressive and innovative soccer club in North Texas.


    Port Jervis Red Storm are a 30+ mens team that won the NY Division of the Tri-State Mens State Baseball League in 1996.

    Tri-State Mens State Baseball League

    The Tri-State Mens State Baseball League was formed in 1990 with four teams. It has grown to a ten team league with teams from Orange County, New York and Sussex County, New Jersey. They play a 28 game schedule starting in April and ending in Late August. They then start the play-offs which we complete in September. The allstar game is held in July at the Skylands Park, home of the NJ Cardinals. We compete in many tournaments, as league teams and as allstar team. A team is sent to Phoenix, Arizona every year to compete in the MSBL World Series.


    Carolina Storm were an American Football team set up for the proposed International Football League based in Carolina, USA. The team never actually played a game and the league didn't ever get under way.


    Memphis Storm were an indoor soccer team from Memphis, USA. They joined the American Indoor Soccer Association (later became the National Professional Soccer League) in 1986. The team changed their nickname to the Rogues in 1989 and folded in 1990.


    St Louis Storm are a defunct US indoor soccer team. They played in Major Soccer League from 1989 to 1992. The league is most famous for producing the San Diego Sockers, a failed team in the NASL (defunct US league that Pele played in) that went on to win 11 MSL titles. The MSL's last season was '91-92. The Storm and the Tacoma Stars folded & the league's 5 remaining teams called it quits. The Sockers and the Dallas Sidekicks joined the Continental Indoor Soccer League while the Wichita Wings, Cleveland Crunch & Baltimore Blast joined the National Professional Soccer League.


    St John's Red Storm are an American College team. They are most famous for basketball & Lou Carneseca.


    Seattle Storm began life in Western Soccer Alliance (WSA) as FC Seattle in 1986 based in Seattle, USA. In 1987 they changed their name to the Seattle Storm. They won the WSA championship in 1988. The WSA merged with the American Soccer League (another US soccer league) and formed the American Professional Soccer League (APSL) after the 1989 season. The Storm played in the APSL in 1990 but folded when the season was over.

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