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The Manchester Storm Message Forum is the place where you can discuss Manchester Storm and other things related to UK ice hockey. You can respond to messages left or start your own discussion. For further information about the Forum, access the Forum FAQ.

The Forum can become quite cluttered over a relatively short period of time, so for that reason I will run an archive at the end of each month. If you have any comments or questions about the Message Forum, please send an e-mail to Into The Storm Forum Help and I'll do my best to help.

NOTE: All opinions and views expressed in this forum are only those of the poster. These do not necessary reflect the views of Manchester Storm, Ogdens, any Nynex Arena staff, Storm players and management, or indeed other fans. Please be aware of this. The forum simply allows fans to say what they think within reason. Any abuse of the forum will result in the offending postings being removed. By entering the Forum you are agreeing to this. Into The Storm will not accept any responsibility for anything posted in here as the online nature of the Forum means that it is totally beyond my control.

Many team pages use a Guestbook instead of a Forum for fans to post their views - you can view other teams' Guestbooks from Into The Storm's Guestbook page.

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